Environmental Policy

Save the planet, it is sexy.


Just as a good friend of mine would say “I have only one philosophy”, and it’s not being accepted as I am, but making the world a better place. That’s why the environmental subject is one of the greatest importance to me!

With a building constructed in 1993 and becoming my official place – Hotel Hubert – in 2018, we are more than aware of the newest tools to create a positive impact. At my place we relax, enjoy and visit around, but our planet and its nature are our real HOME and we must take care of with all our strength.

In an increasingly climate-conscious economy, sustainability is the key word we discuss daily. Me and my whole team are always brainstorming on ways to make your stay better and more sustainable.

Our targets are aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement adopted in 2015 and our focus areas include energy, water, waste, food waste, linen & chemicals, responsible sourcing, and social impact.

My mission is built on my values, and I want my home to make a change by protecting the environment and benefit the community where I live. How? By transforming my crib towards a circular and sustainable hospitality. The change starts with you, my associates and myself.

Join me in this journey and let’s make a difference. Our handprints matter!

What we are doing?

I only use paper cups and glass water bottles in the rooms, we make sure to recycle all coffee and tea capsules and pads, we have water fountains for staff and at the gym to avoid the use of disposable water bottles.

At my bar and food truck, I also only use recycle products or glass ones which can be returned and reused by the beverage suppliers. Several of our products are also organic, which is more beneficial for the environment. 

Our waste procedure is full recyclable for all that is sorted correctly, for this, our chambermaids and all staff are focused on handling the waste correctly and on proper containers and we have a waste can at our lobby so guests can also throw cans, milk, juice boxes and water plastic bottles to help us recycle and improve our relation with our beloved nature.

We try to improve more and more at every detail we can, although, we go even further!

Making common sense change:
We’ve reduced our total energy use and Co2 emissions a lot by making changes such as lighting and boiler upgrades, insulation and oil to gas projects.

The temperature in each room is under thermostatic control and can be adjusted independently. The entrance doors are equipped with porches and air curtains.

We can prevent the unnecessary waste of energy by using lights with motion sensors in general areas. We use low energy LED lights. Heat pumps allow us to reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

We avoid unnecessary water consumption by using special water taps and shower heads with water pressure regulation and have only showers, which consume a third of the water a bathtub would. I train our staff to notice and prevent the leakages in the room toilets and expect also our guests to inform us if they notice such leakages.

Green & Local
I try my utmost to use only green cleaning products and still keeping the hygiene high levels. We buy as much as possible from local suppliers, helping to support local producers as well as cutting down on unnecessary food miles.

My place, according to local law, is a 100% non-smoker so my guests are invited to smoke outside and 10 meters away from the door to make sure we keep a fresh and non-polluted air inside.

With a perfect geographical location, we encourage guests to make walking tours or use bicycles’ or scooters’ app. If not possible, we always encourage the use of public transportation like metro, train or tram.

Carbon emissions:
I also try to reduce progressively the carbon emissions of my place by a regular control of the carbon footprint generated and I have green investments projects ongoing to increase our efficiency which are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. 

What can YOU do?

Would you like to help me out? Join my green league!

•    Please switch off the lights when you leave your hotel room.
•    Leave the TV on stand-by : Our energy efficient televisions use less energy when left on standby than that used to restart once turned off at the wall.
•    Please remember to unplug mobile phone chargers when they are not in use, as they use up a surprising amount of energy.
•    Turn the tap off when you are cleaning your teeth or shaving rather than leaving it running throughout.
•    Make sure to use well the recyclable bins in your room and in the lobby to help us. 
•    By using glass bottles as well glass cups offered instead of the paper ones;

Together we can accomplish the unthinkable!




Questions or suggestions ? We would love to hear from you.


Please feel free to contact my team :


Marta Silva Sustainability Coordinator admin@hotelhubert.be


Laurice Jabaly Marketing & Communication executive laurice@hotelhubert.be