Gym at Hotel Hubert Brussels near Grand Place
Gym at Hotel Hubert Brussels near Grand Place


Fully stacked for iron pumping


        Hosts 24/7               Exclusive Access                         Wi-Fi                                    Top Quality



          Water                                Towels                            Shower                                 Lockers   


Maintaining a healthy body is super important, as Mrs. Hubert often says to me. And because she’s right most of the time, I’ve built a gym in the basement. I’m talking about a fully stacked room where you can do all kinds of exercise, from pumping iron to doing cardio. It’s got a nice vintage vibe to it, too. The gym is open 24/7, can you believe that?  

No need to sleep over to use my fitness. If you're living or working in the neighborhood and you look for a place to work out, simple send us a mail and sign up for 75€/month. A bit expensive? A 3-months subscription and I give you a rate of 65€/month. Good deal to get that body ready for all seasons, no? I have everything you need : towels, wi-fi, free water & coffee, lockers... You won't miss anything, trust me!

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